• While still in his twenties Buck took on the responsibility of national sales manager. This job required him to set up a national distribution network while managing the national sales force. Soon thereafter, he was appointed to be a member of the management team. He remained on the management team for the remainder of his career. Next, Buck became a member of board of directors of the industry trade association. He was later tabbed as the manager of a newly formed business division which was developed by the merging of three companies into one division. With Buck's oversight,  this business grew sales to over $100M. During his career, he led several transition teams because of newly acquired companies. 

  • Buck managed the research and development (R&D) group and reorganized the procedures for the day-to-day operation. He established a standard for working practices that included setting priorities, record keeping, test performance, and the management of individual labs. He also headed up the supply chain team. This team consisted of R&D and purchasing. It was focused on improving the process, improving internal communications, and cost reduction. 

  • In the course of his work with the industry trade group, Buck led an industry crisis management team which developed and implemented an action plan to deal with media as well as state regulators.