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About Buchanan Business Consulting

After spending 40 years working in big business, Buck Buchanan founded Buchanan Business Consulting LLC, where he uses his business experience to help clients. Buck takes a practical approach to dealing with the complex issues. His opinions are based on the real-world experiences of people who have worked day in and day out in the business-to-business environment. He can provide support on a variety of topics as the company concentrates on consulting and speaking. The consulting part of the business focuses on business and building products while event speaking can be centered on either segment.


Buck can assist clients with a number of topics but the majority of the work is focused on Executive Coaching, Sales Management, Sales Training, and Strategic planning.  Regardless of the size of your business Buck can help you tackle the problems. Contact Buck to discuss your needs and how he can help your business.

On the building products side Buck can provide unique insight to Continuous Insulation, Air & Moisture Barriers, Exterior Claddings, Curtain Walls, and Panelization. Buck has written a number of articles on these topics and conducted webinars on Curtain Walls. 


As a speaker, Buck will entertain the audience with his story telling, energy level, and sense of humor. His topics include business issues and/or building products. Buck’s experience in business provides the background and is supported by his latest book, The Game of Sales. 


About the Book

The Game of Sales, delves deeply into the business-to-business environment of sales reps and sales managers and the impact that corporate structures can have on the work of sales teams. Professional athletes work on their trade every year during the preseason so why not sales teams? Well, some do but most don’t. This book will take the sales group back to spring training where they can work on improving their skills. The Game of Sales offers many fundamental tips on how to manage a sales team as well as how to become a successful sales rep. Whether you are a sales rookie, a sale veteran, a seasoned sales manager, or a CEO you will find value in this book as it takes a practical approach to sales, business, and life. Check out the book! 



Forty years of business experience



Consultant, executive coach, 

and speaker



Hard work, stick-to-itiveness, 

and common sense