Business & Industry Experience


  • After beginning his career as a sales representative, Buck was promoted to national sales manager while still in his twenties. At that time, he was tasked with building a national distribution network. Over the course of his sales career, Buck built two national distribution networks, managed a national sales team, developed regional sales territories, initiated a national account team, oversaw sales to national DIY accounts, and set-up an international network in 25 countries. 


  • Over the course of his business career, Buck was involved in 10 acquisitions. This began with locating acquisition candidates, evaluating these candidates, projecting sales and profits, assessing the synergies of the acquired company with the existing company structure, integrating the newly acquired businesses, and then, management of the acquired businesses. 

Strategic Planning

  • Over the years, Buck generated many types of plans. These included annual budgets, business plans, strategic plans, local and regional plans as well as long range plans. He also worked with managers and customers on creating systems that fit their business needs. 

Business Development

  • Buck has spent most of his career in business development setting up new customers as well as developing new market segments. He established two national distribution networks. He also organized businesses in Canada and in several other international markets.


  • Marketing tasks were often Buck’s responsibility. He developed national and localized marketing campaigns leading focus groups to help identify market needs. Buck established market analysis formats to determine local market share along with the strengths and weaknesses of players in the market. He was also engaged in creating the corporate identity for the companies.
  •  Buck has directed communications strategies which focused on the internal and external customers - evolving over the years from standard mail to social media. 
  • To introduce and develop many new products, Buck led groups that were composed of marketing and R&D personnel. He was also involved in the transfer of technologies from European affiliated companies to the US counterpart.  

Construction Industry Expertise

  • Buck has spent over 35 years in the EIFS (exterior insulation and finish systems) business. It is an exterior wall cladding that provides superior energy efficiency with virtually unlimited design flexibility. He is considered by many as one of the leaders of the industry.   
  • He has extolled the virtues of EIFS to architects, building owners, building code officials, insurance companies, and others. He has developed sales teams that specialize in EIFS and new product development. He has worked with others to move EIFS from a relatively unknown building concept to be a popular façade choice which is now included in the national building code.
  • Buck is an EIFS industry spokesman but he also has extensive experience in stucco products, acrylic finishes, air and moisture barriers, tile setting materials and concrete repair products.